Ken & Peggy Butler

Monday, September 1, 2014

Autumn 2014

We can't believe the summer is over, and yet we were so busy.  The road closure was a curse and a blessing.  It was a major inconvenience for travel to Warren, but it was so nice to be able to walk and bike safely on 666 this summer.   Penn DOT has started the repairs, but they won't be done for a few more weeks.  Penn DOT is stating it will be open for Hunting Season.  The rumors are that the road is passable, but officially not "open".  Please, be careful if you choose to ignore the signs and warnings. We will keep you posted when it opens officially.  

The wet weather made for very good conditions on the creek.  More rain this week will keep everything in good condition for more kayak floats and fly-fishing.  We've spotted a lot of trout in the creeks.  The leaf color is also expected to be excellent this year due to the wet weather.  Come enjoy all the fall festivals and activities in Forest County.

We have 2 cabins available for the fall and into hunting season.  The lodge is not available  between October 15 and 26.  We are also booked in the lodge for the week after Thanksgiving.  All other dates are open.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer 2014

The road is CLOSED, but we are OPEN! The recent flash flood in the Little Minister Creek behind our property has caused some havoc here. First, Route 666 is CLOSED just east of Black Caddis Ranch. If you are trying to get here from the east or north, the best and safest way to access us is by way of the west end of Route 666 in East Hickory.  If you are coming from Marienville or East Forest County, and are comfortable driving Forest roads, you can take the Job Corps road to Adamson road to Branch Bridge road into Kellettville. This saves no time, but it is shorter mileage and the forest is beautiful. Yes, you can get to the Flying W Ranch and Cougar Bob's.  PennDOT is estimating 2 months before it opens. We will keep you posted.

We are already for next week's PA Firefly Festival pafireflyfestival.blogspot.com.  If you are planning on coming, we have plenty of space for tent camping.  The B&B and cabins are booked for the weekend.  We are also booked for the July 4th and Rodeo weekends July 25-26 in the B&B.  Cabins are still open.  We are still working on the third cabin, and Ken has freshened up the outside of the 2 cabins with a new paint color.

The creeks are full for excellent kayaking and canoeing water levels.  The fireflies are just starting to synchronize; just in time for the festival.  Fishing is good, and wildlife is plentiful.  Come visit us and the Forest.